Help me Celebrate my Birthday

Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Tuesday 18 December 2012

Blogmas Days 17 & 18: Doing Far Too Much

As you can tell by the title, I have been busy, busy for the past couple of days and will no doubt suffer for it (actually, already suffering for it but dreading tomorrow much more).  Yesterday I actually managed to go out in my electric scooter to post some Christmas cards.  I definitely enjoyed getting out of the house by myself and it was worth having to spend the evening lying down - the only thing that was a problem was getting into the Newsagents/PO as it was one of those slope alongside the front of the shop kind of deals which meant a good few minutes maneuvering myself back and forth until eventually being able to get in.

Today, however, I did even more.  It started as a slow day though for some reason I woke up an hour earlier than my alarm and couldn't get back to sleep so just started getting on with my day.  This afternoon I was picked up by my dad so I can spend Christmas with my family but this meant that I had to spend most of the morning packing - not so easy when half the stuff isn't reachable because of boxes are in the way.  So basically I pretty much exhausted myself, even though I made sure to take plenty of breaks.

I guess it doesn't really matter now as I am with my family and I have nothing much to worry about until after Christmas.  I think plenty of rest is needed but I have a suspicion that the next week will be full of activity that                     I should probably try and avoid.  However, I am determined to make it at least til Christmas day and simply suffer the consequences later (p.s. M.E. can you wait until after Jan 4th to attack please so I can enjoy New Year's and get to my doctors' appointments?).

As for now, I plan to unwind with a book I have grabbed out of my old room, and then get plenty of sleep in the hopes that it will lessen the burden tomorrow.

7 days til Christmas!

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