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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Monday 10 December 2012

Blogmas Day 10: Let's Talk About Something Else

Today pretty much blew, but honestly I don't want to talk about it.  Other than to say it did mean that I watched a couple of Christmas films on the Christmas 24 channel.  I've only had television once before (my second year at Uni) so I'm still finding it a bit of a novelty; but honestly, I am using it more as a distraction than for enjoyment most of the time.  If you're wildly curious, I'm mainly watching: My Family, Two and a Half Men (a LOT of this) and Fairly Odd Parents (and the odd episode of Rugrats), and of course the Christmas films.

Yesterday I did actually watch a few episodes of something that truly amazed me - One Foot In The Grave. But I didn't watch on TV; my housemate was watching his DVDs of it and I kind of got sucked in.  While I didn't find it completely amusing, I did find the writing truly incredible.  Only two other shows have ever made me stop and recognize that they are so well written, that I wish I could write something remotely as good (they are Doctor Who and Dollhouse), so it's not a stretch to say it blew my mind.  And that is one good thing about having television I guess, plenty of access to writing, both good and bad and the stuff in between (which is the majority), but it's just as easy to watch a DVD, read a book or go online to find inspiration, and there is a lot higher chance of being able to control what and when, when you're not tied to a TV schedule (yes, I know there is record and pause and rewind and all that stuff, but it's still controlling).  So I guess I'll continue to absorb it while I'm eating or downstairs and unable to get upstairs (I am going to hook it up in my room as well, but I expect I'll only be watching it for the films as I love watching new and old ones (I wouldn't consider myself a film geek yet, perhaps just a film amateur).

What do you like to watch (if you watch television)?  Anything I'm missing out on?

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Unknown said...

My family and Two and a half men are 2 of my favs ever. Also like only fools and horses, goodnight sweetheart, open all hours, vicar of dibly, some mothers do 'ave 'em and my name is earl. (I'm a tv/film geek lol)