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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Monday 8 June 2015


I think one of the reasons I have such difficulty creating fiction is that for the majority (especially on TV) the main conflict is the result of lying. I personally don’t understand the point of lying. Yes, I have lied in the past, but as I got older I realised there was no point in lying (especially if it was going to cause a conflict as I’d learnt from TV and novels). 

I know people lie, but I struggle to understand why they do so. Obviously there are some things such as cheating etc, which is a lie created by lust, but if that’s what you need in your life then why can’t you discuss it with your partner first (if they reject the idea, then accept that or leave – don’t lie to them). And there is lying to protect someone, but unless it is a life or death situation (which I’m guessing the majority of people will never experience) lying will likely only end in a bigger problem down the road.

Then there is the white lie. I sort of get not wanting to hurt other people’s feelings, but surely it would be better coming from a friend than a stranger. I have learnt it’s not always the best idea to say if something shows your flaws, but instead of lying I explain why (eg. The colour or the cut of the clothing isn’t right for you).

Our culture seems to accept lying, while the media clearly shows it rarely gets us anywhere and simply creates mistrust. But how much better would the world be if not only we could expect the truth from everyone, but that there was no need to lie (whether it be to protect yourself or someone else). And perhaps that’s the real issue – the world just isn’t that open-minded. There are people who will hate us for our truths, but if we don’t stop lying, we are just adding to the misunderstandings and hate. That’s my opinion anyway.

What about you? Do you lie? If so, why? (I genuinely want to know, and won’t be offended if you choose to answer anonymously).