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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Blogmas Day 27: A Different World

It occurred to me this morning that my little brother (who is 5) is growing up in a completely different world than the one I did.  I mean, he knows how to use the video and DVD player and knows about the internet and iplayer, even if he doesn't completely understand it.  When I was growing up we had one family computer (actually, we got this when I was older than he is now, but I'm not sure exactly when) and had 4 hours a day of internet usage between us.  This seems completely crazy now, but it wasn't that long ago.  And we didn't expect more.  My family has always been behind on technology (we've never had television and I got my first phone when I was 17 I think) and have always been book people.  My little brother loves reading (and I've been really impressed with how far he's come) so I know that technology doesn't always equal the banishing of books.  But I cannot comprehend how he will remember his childhood and what he accepts as normal.  The world is changing so very fast and I want to be swept along with incredible knowledge and advances humanity is making; but I also want to stop and appreciate every moment and remember how the world is right now and where we started.

In case you were wondering what brought on these thoughts, it was my little brother asking me a question.  Okay, technically it wasn't the question, but his response when I didn't know the answer - 'I'll ask the family and if no one knows we'll Google it' (I don't think he remembered the question long enough to ask anyone else, but for someone who was brought up having to look everything up in one of my dad's many encyclopedias  this response snapped me into realising just how much has changed).

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