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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Monday 23 September 2013

Ann Summers Party and Cupcakes

Last weekend I went to my first ever Ann Summers party.  And of course, being me, I was in charge of the cupcakes (pictured above).

While I think I'm pretty good with the baking part (totally modest I know), I am not usually that good with decorating cakes.  That is actually the main reason I wanted to do the cupcakes for this party - I knew it would challenge me, but without the worry of what will happen if I fail (after all, cakes that look terrible, still taste just as good).  As you can tell, that was an unfounded worry anyway, and I'm super proud of how they turned out.  It was my first time using roll out icing (bought on Ebay!), and I got on okay with it once I figured out to make sure everything is coated in icing sugar so it doesn't stick.  I am looking forward to using it again, and getting better and better.  As for the ideas, I simply Googles 'ann summers cupcakes' and was rewarded with plenty of inspiration.

As for the actual party, I have to admit I was a little disappointed, though I definitely enjoyed myself and as it was a chance to see other people (even if I only knew the host), it rates pretty high on the list of what I've been up to so far this year.  And of course, having an excuse to bake (and eat what I've made), was certainly a pro-point.  In all, I would go to another if I was invited, but I honestly wouldn't care that much if I don't get to go to one again (and I'm sure my bank balance would probably appreciate it), as, to me, it simply felt like I was simply being shown the catalogue.  Okay, that is possibly a little harsh, as I was grateful for the chance to try on a couple of things before buying - but if I was a regular, healthy person, it would make more sense to go straight to a shop as that's the way to ensure you'll be able to try on the right size.

Have you ever been to an Ann Summers party?  Did you love it/hate it? Let me know in the comments.

Wednesday 11 September 2013


On Sunday Fall Autumn arrived.  One day it was sunny and hot, the next it was grey and drizzly; and it took me off guard.

Now, everyone knows I don't particularly like the heat, and that Winter is my favourite season.  This year, however, my first reaction to the change in the weather, was disappointment.  I wanted more sun.  I had finally got into the Summer mood, and enjoyed going out a couple of times a week (note: massive improvement from a few months ago).  And suddenly everything changed.  I am not looking forward to going out as it gets colder and wetter (the downside with having a scooter is that pretty much all of me gets soaked and it's not like I can use an umbrella).

I am glad to say that this disappointment didn't last long.  Of course I was hoping for more time before I had to worry about Christmas presents and decorations (I always want handmade but am never organised to do it - and I'm a firm believer that shops and the like shouldn't have anything Christmassy at least until November, so I wasn't impressed when I saw Christmas chocolates available at the grocery store today). On the flip side, a large part of why I hadn't been working on them (or anything else) as planned, was due to the ridiculous heat (like I said, I am not a fan of sweaty temperatures).

So Autumn has arrived.  It means there will soon be vegetables available to make stews and thick soups.  It means getting excited about Christmas (don't judge).  It means shorter days, with long evenings of reading with hot chocolate.  And it means beautiful colours.  All in all, once the shock of how quickly everything changed wore off, I realised that I haven't changed - I still love Winter the best (though admit to dreading being trapped inside if it snows), but can appreciate every season.

*Random note - Anyone else noticed I seem to be over-using Parentheses lately?

Tuesday 3 September 2013

I Will Write

This post was inspired by looking at artwork on Pinterest, which is something I've only recently come across as usually I waste my time looking for craft ideas and recipes that I rarely manage to actually make.  It is unedited and the word vomit of how most of my ideas come to me.

The world is filled with incredible imagination.  Often I go looking for inspiration, and spend the next few days filled with wonder and amazement at all that I have found.  Unfortunately this also has the effect of me not doing any work of my own.  Usually I am hopeful to add my own creativity to the world, but then procrastinate instead of doing.  And other times I simply feel that I have nothing to add.  What more could possibly be needed?  I know that is a double-edged question and no answer will ever suffice.

The thing for me is that I believe in my ability to create amazing work.  But I don’t believe in my imagination to give me the fuel to create said amazing work.  I want to join the ranks of journaling and writing and all those things I find so inspiring; I even know how to.  I just find that I never do.

I know I need to stop worrying about it, and simply start doing.  It doesn’t matter how awful my first attempts at art are – no one has to see them after all.  And yet I find I can never start.  And so I procrastinate and look at the wonders of others, never contributing anything myself. 

But occasionally, every now and then, I start to write about it and that is enough for now.  I am writing something and the more I write, the more I continue to write.  I might not be able to add anything visual just yet, but words can be just as powerful, oftentimes much more powerful.  And so I will stop worrying about my inability to add my art to the world, and focus on the art I know I can do, the art that comes naturally to me.  I will write. (Hopefully much better articulated sentences, paragraphs and stories.)