Help me Celebrate my Birthday

Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Writer. Editor. Proofreader.


Language is the greatest invention in history – if you don’t believe me, then you aren’t capable of reading and understanding this in the first place (and if you’ve just said ‘what about those who don’t speak English?’ my reply is that it’s possible to get translations).  For me, words are the most important assets in the world.  Words are used every day, by everyone.  Through the use of words we are told stories, we learn, we discover. 

But it is how the words are used that can change reading a story to empathizing with a character.  Words used in the right way can change your thoughts and ideas, and ultimately, the world.

I believe that everyone has a talent for something.  Words are my talent and my passion.  I respect how powerful words can be, so I work hard to ensure they create the impact desired.  I am diligent but never dry; I am unique and honest but not alienating.  Which is why I know I can help if you need the right words.

Whatever your passion is, whatever you are trying to say, I can bring your vision to life through words.  I am happy to write in any medium, whether copywriting or ghost-writing.  I write for businesses and individuals.  I also offer editing from a basic critique to full-blown edits and/or proofreading to keep your work mistake-free.

If you would like to work with me, email me at: explaining what you are looking for.  Rates vary on a project to project basis.

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