Help me Celebrate my Birthday

Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Wednesday 28 March 2012

Doing What I Wanted

I haven’t really done anything in the past week other than watch episodes of Buffy.  But I now feel much more ready to get back to working hard on my plans. 

I spent the time allowing myself to do what I felt like doing rather than what I felt I should be doing.  I’m not saying that that is possible (or even advisable) all the time, but I found that not forcing myself to continue with my plans gave me a chance to emotionally, mentally and physically catch up with all my ideas.  I feel much more optimistic and had a few ideas just come to me while I wasn’t looking for them.  While this break wasn’t planned, it felt completely necessary to realign myself with my goals and my words for this year. 

I wasn’t looking for a break but clearly I needed one and am glad that I allowed myself to take one.  Do you take breaks from the stress of life/plans/work often?  Do you plan them or just let them happen?

Thursday 15 March 2012


Like many people with chronic disability, I had a problem holding onto my friends when I was diagnosed.  I couldn’t go out at the weekend or evenings, they thought I was too lazy to get a job (as I managed to go to school they believed I was making it up) and eventually they just stopped inviting me anywhere.  Granted, these were my high school friends so I doubt we would still be friends now anyway, but I’ll never know if we drifted apart because we weren’t meant to be friends with one another or because they couldn’t deal with me having M.E.

When I started university, I met a lot of people.  In my first year I went out a lot but as my health deteriorated and I struggled to keep going to classes in my second and third year, I stopped going out.  The friends I’d made stopped inviting me out and very few made the effort to see me (if I’m completely honest, only one or two stayed in touch and only just barely).  I only saw Chris and my classmates regularly, and when uni finished and I became trapped inside I was expecting the few remaining friends I had to disappear.  It turns out that I was wrong.

My birthday dinner (Chris is behind the camera and Diamond had already left)

 When I decided to go out for dinner for my birthday I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting a very good turn-out. It’s been my experience that people have a habit of forgetting to attend events I plan (whether intentionally or not, I do not know).  So I was completely overwhelmed that all my friends who lived within travelling distance came.  And I finally believe that friendship is in everyone’s grasp.  I agree that it is easier to make friends when you are not stuck at home and so I try to make the effort to go out when I am able.  The rest of the time I send texts and facebook messages and sometimes snail-mail (when they live far away or I know their address).  I want to make sure that I am as good a friend as I can be. 

Since leaving high school I have come to value friendship very highly and at the same time realised that true friends would stick by me and love me for who I am.  I stopped trying to be anyone else and was straight-up honest about who I was.  I believe this is why I now have a fairly large support network of friends who keep me going.  I don’t see them very often but I know I can rely on them when they are needed.  And I hope they know that they can rely on me (as much as my health allows me). 

And that is the secret.  Be yourself.  Don’t only take, especially if you are in a position to give.  And you will find friends who will be the most amazing and important people in your life (plus family of course).

Friday 9 March 2012

My Purpose

When I started this blog, I didn’t really have any purpose for it.  I knew I wanted to improve my writing and share my views on the world.  Those things are still important for me but for the past few months I have felt that I really needed to have a clear purpose for my blog posts, so over that time I have been thinking a lot about who I am and what I want from my blog.  This hasn’t been easy for me.  I believe in encompassing my whole self into my writing, but I have a lot of interests and hobbies, making it difficult for me to narrow down my truth.  I don’t mean that I wanted to find out which of these were important (they all are, as they are all a part of me), but I needed to work out how to make them cohesive.  I want only people who connect with my work and who I am, to be drawn to it.  I feel that by sharing information on everything, I am not helping anyone.  And so I needed to sit down and have a serious think.

In the end I found that my purpose is something that I couldn’t even have imagined when this blog was being created.  I want to inspire others by showing what can be achieved.  I want to share thoughts and ideas to make living easier and more enjoyable for those with chronic disabilities or conditions.  And most of all, I want to give my readers hope, and a sense of empowerment through my words.  I want to show that everyone has a purpose in this world, and perhaps even help some of you find it.  As I’ve mentioned many times, this journey is going to be long and winding.  I’m certain it won’t happen overnight.  But now that I know where I want to go, it has made it possible for me to put things in motion.  Writing this post is the first step, to let you know what is coming.  I hope you will join me and be a part of this process, but if, for any reason you feel that this is not what you need right now, then I hope you will use your time to find someone or something that can help you.

Monday 5 March 2012

Giving You The Value You Deserve

The world (especially the internet) is full to the brim of noise, of people trying to get your attention, trying to tell you something.  I am very aware that every post that goes onto my blog adds to the din and so I want to make sure that I respect your time by not posting fluff and extra noise that doesn’t need to be there (there’s plenty of that as there is).

Last week I didn’t post at all.  This wasn’t because I was feeling lazy or not ‘in the mood’ to write anything, but I didn’t feel that I had anything useful to say.  I value the time you spend here, reading my words, so I want to make sure that I am standing up to my end of the bargain, of giving you value in exchange for your time (and if you don’t think it’s valuable, please go somewhere else and stop wasting your time).  So while I will not be giving up blogging (I love it way too much), I am going to try and only post work that I know needs to be shared and not kept lost on my laptop.  I am also going to start sharing the writing that is in alignment with where I want to go with my blog (more on this later this week).

I want you to know when you arrive, if this blog will enhance your life.  I want to spend more time talking about what matters to me, and post less frivolous, unsure posts.  I know this isn’t going to be a simple journey that is worked out immediately, but I need to start making my words matter.  Therefore, I will continue posting as often as possible, but I am no longer going to muddy the water so to speak, with apologies and insubstantial thoughts.

How do you decide what is important enough to post?  Does it bother you when you keep finding fluff in your favourite places, when you want something of value?  Please share your thoughts in the comments as I love to hear your ideas.