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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Monday, 22 August 2011


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 I have always loved to learn.  I was one of those who loved school, sixth form, college and university.  I can’t say with certainty which I loved the most, but I do know that the love came from my desire to learn being satiated.  Honestly, I would be very happy being a student for the rest of my life (and I know that even then I wouldn’t be close to knowing everything).  That isn’t really the best option; but I am not going to give up learning.

You won’t be surprised to find that I love words.  To me, book learning is the easiest.  I am academic.  Therefore I am planning on using books and the internet to keep myself from becoming bored with my knowledge.  (It’s true that I’ve found if I’m not learning I feel like something is missing from my life.)  Believe me, living in this technology age has made learning incredibly easy for anyone with access to a computer and I know it.  I know it to the point that I’m determined to not let all that knowledge out there go to waste.

When I was younger I had a dream to read every book ever published.  Even then I knew it wasn’t possible but that didn’t stop me trying (and a part of me knows that I will never truly stop trying).  The same is true of learning.  I know I can’t learn everything.  To be honest I don’t think I’d be happy if I did (seriously, I need to be learning to feel satisfied) but that won’t stop me trying.  I just need to work out where to start.

That dream I had of reading all the books, I had a starting point.  I wanted to read all the books in my bedroom (as I had over three hundred books I will admit that I am still working my way through them), followed by in our house, in our local library, etc.  I feel I need the same approach with learning.  There are some things that I will never stop learning about (writing being one of those) but there is so much more to the world.  And now I literally (thanks to the internet) have that world of knowledge at my finger tips.  

So, any ideas where I should start?

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