Help me Celebrate my Birthday

Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I'm Still Here

I realise I haven't posted in a while.  And I did consider giving you all sorts of explanations but I know you are worth more than that.  Simply put, I haven't been in the mindset to blog.  I have the ideas for posts, I just don't feel like writing them right now.  This may sound terrible, and if I was getting paid to write here, believe me, I would be churning out those posts as fast as I could.  But you deserve more.  You deserve more than words I force out of myself without care or thought.  You deserve my attention.  You deserve my passion.  You deserve me at my best.  So for now I am just going to leave you with a few pictures (all from WeHeartIt) until I can devote myself fully for a proper post.

This picture reminds me of the fairies in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' - my favourite Shakespeare play.

And this is my favourite summer treat.

Hope you're enjoying the summer wherever you are.

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