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Saturday 9 April 2011

When Change Is Bad

It is often said that people don't like change; or, at least, British people don't like change.  I used to be one of those people.  I would rebel and rebel and rebel against anything changing in my life.  And then I learnt that change wasn't necessarily a bad thing.  Sometimes, allowing things to change is the only way forward in life, the only way to explore who you are as a human being. 

But I am a traditionalist at heart.  I'm not even exaggerating here - I am one of those weird nostalgic people who is always trying to hold onto traditions that I've never even really been a part of.  But, to me, there are just some things that you don't mess with.  Certain brands should never change their name (seriously, if WH Smith's changed their name I might never go in their shops again), certain traditions should always be held sacred (the celebrating of a birthday, no matter how you feel about it) and companies that have brought the same (tried and tested) product to the masses for a long time should go changing that product.

Unfortunately the last one has happened.  And it is so bad that I no longer buy this product.  I'm sure you'll all think I'm weird for writing an entire post on this, especially when you find out what the product is.

Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar.

That's right.  It has gone from this:

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 To this:
(Sorry the picture is so blurry but it was literally the only one I could find)

Now, I am a huge chocoholic.  I eat a lot of it.  And until now, I ate a lot of Cadbury's Dairy Milk bars.  But now they've changed.  I can deal with their stupid 'spots vs stripes' campaign.  I can deal with the penny rise in the price.  I can even deal with the fact that the bars are 20g less than they used to be.  What I can't deal with is the change in the recipe.

They might think no one will notice that they've added a numbered ingredient to the mix.  But I did.  And I didn't notice by looking at the packaging - I noticed by taste alone.  The bars are now noticably sweeter than they were only a few months ago.  And that is a deal-breaker for me.  And what is the point in changing the recipe?  Seriously, they know people loved it, so why mess with it?  This is one change I can't deal with and so I am no longer buying Cadbury's chocolate - after all, there are plenty of choices (Galaxy, Milka) - as they have ruined the product I loved.  I know this probably won't make a huge difference - one person not buying the average of a bar a day might not be noticed.  But then might.

1 comment:

dominique said...

I so agree with you. I hate it when my favorite products disappear or change. God forbid if PG Tips disappeared or changed! I think I would be completely lost without my favorite tea!

I have recently switched to an organic chocolate that I now can have shipped to me from Italy. Yum.

You know, I don't like super sweet either. Anyway, good luck with cultivating a new chocolate loyalty! :-)

The 'good' flipside is that a new company, if it wins your loyalty, will have a new customer for a long time!