Help me Celebrate my Birthday

Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I came back to my parents' on Sunday.  I haven't seen them since Christmas and figured this would be a good time to see them all.  I wasn't expecting the random present I was given (seriously, no clue at all).  For those of you don't know it was...

A Kindle!  Yep, I have the best parents ever!

So, of course, being an avid reader I downloaded a few free books and, as a blogger, had to take pictures of the screen (by the way, the one above is one of the many pictures presented when the kindle is in 'sleep' mode).

 And after I'd started organising them into different collections (so far I have favourites, classics, non-fic and writing books)

 And once the novelty of organising them wore off (okay, I'm still thinking of new collections I could create - any ideas?) I bought a book.  (Technically it was the second book as I accidentally bought the complete works of Emily Dickinson - though for 69p I can't complain.)  So what did I buy?

Notes From Underground Anthology (you can purchase it here) which is an anthology created through the Literary Lab.  I will be writing a review of it as soon as I've finished reading it (at the same time as reading a page here and there of all the other books I'll have!)

And, because I know you're just dying to see it covered in beautiful words, a final pic:

Anyone else have a kindle or other ereader?  Anyone planning on getting one?


Kess said...

Enjoy! :-) It's always nice to get something that's been on your wishlist for a long while, particularly if you're not expecting it!

I can't ever see myself getting a kindle. Although it's more like a book than other electronic reading devices, it's just not the same in my opinion lol

Unknown said...

To be honest I've only really been considering getting one for the past few months. I know I'll never give up my books but I'm hoping it will make life easier as I will be able to easily carry a selection around with me.