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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Apparently Yesterday Wasn't Sunday

You may have noticed that I posted a 'Sunday Shout Out' yesterday, and yes, I really thought it was Sunday as I wrote and posted it (even though I also knew that Doctor Who was on in the evening - explain that!).  Lately all my days get mixed in my mind; I never know which day it is even though I am constantly asking myself and checking (or perhaps I am asking and checking because I don't know).

I thought it was because everyday is essentially the same for me.  Other than the carers and the physio on Mondays, I have no structure to my week.  I think, though, that it is more to do with the fact that I spend the majority of everyday lying down resting and sleeping (not through choice I might add).  This is confusing me, making me constantly unsure of which day it is and what time it is.  Thankfully this doesn't stop me from missing any appointments, I think that's because I have so very few that I plan my life around them.  Going to the doctors or Tesco is often the highlight of my week, especially as I often use the chance to pop into the library if I am up to it.

I could moan and groan and worry and panic about my loss of hold on time and reality, for that is what it feels like.  But that would be a waste of my precious energy.  Besides, it's not harming anyone.

So apologies for my mis-mashed days, but for now I am not going to fret and simply enjoy this Spring weather while it lasts.

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