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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Tuesday, 8 March 2011


As you probably know, today is pancake day.  I love pancakes and have them quite often.  I won't have them tonight though as I just don't have the energy to make them, but next time I'm feeling able, you can bet I will.  So I thought that, even though I can't indulge myself I would indulge my readers with some of my favourite pancake fillings.

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(Just in case you don't know, make a pancake by mixing 50g plain flour, 1 egg and 100ml milk then cook in a frying pan - if you need help go here to see Delia Smith's instructions.  I sometimes add a tsp of ground cinnamon for a bit of flavour.)

So,  my favourite savoury filling has to be spinach and cream cheese.  I haven't actually had this in a while and honestly can't remember how to make it but I'm guessing just heat some spinach and cream cheese together in a pan and presto!

When I'm being lazy (and let's face it, that's most of the time) I have a filling of beans and cheese - you'd be surprised how many things I make edible by just adding beans and cheese.

As for sweet, I'm not a lemon and sugar fan (no offence to those who swear by it).  I usually cut up a banana and slather it in golden syrup - absolutely delicious but probably not a good idea to have too often.

I've also cooked apples in some butter and cinnamon for a sweet breakfast filling (though in future I will definitely be adding a little syrup to this mix) which was gorgeous.

How do you like your pancakes?  For those of you who are feeling brave and want to try something new click here for some fantastic recipe ideas - if you do give them a go, let me know.


Kess said...

Thanks for the pancake recipe Bethany (and the filling ideas). Your siblings and I found this very useful as we could not remember the amounts! Our fillings ranged from the traditional sugar and lemon, to banana, squirty cream and marshmallows!

Deb said...

I feel a bit guilty saying this, but I'm not a huge fan of pancakes. I can't recall when I've ever had them with filling--though I've had blueberry pancakes, of course!--so that might change my feelings on the matter. :p

Unknown said...

Kess, I'm glad you found the recipe helpful (though to be fair I had to look it up online as I couldn't remember myself!).

Deb, I've never tried blueberry pancakes (though I'm starting to love blueberry muffins, okay, that's off subject). Perhaps you should give them another go? I never liked pancakes when only offered lemon and sugar to go with them, but once I found syrup, I never turned back. :)