Help me Celebrate my Birthday

Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Thursday, 10 March 2011


It's my birthday today so I did what any girl would do and bought myself a present.  I bought myself something I have wanted for ages, but never got round to buying.  What is it?
A blender!

Okay, so it might not seem that exciting to some people, but the thing is, I love smoothies. And I figure now I'll be able to make as many as I want and it will cost a fraction of the cost (in theory anyway).

So, I decided to take my new toy for a test run.  I bought lots of fruit:

Raspberries, strawberries, kiwis, bananas, blueberries and a coconut and yogurt.

I was being adventurous with the coconut.  This is me milking it:

I didn't get to use the actual coconut as I couldn't get the thing open!  I hit it in the middle with a blunt item (back of a knife) like the instruction in Tesco told me to - but it didn't work (so if you've got any tips on opening coconuts, please let me know in the comments).

I threw in all the fruit and yogurt:

Including this strawberry:

This is the strawberry next to a normal size one:

Yeah, it was massive!

And then I blended it til it looked like this:

Popped it in a jug so I can help myself to it at anytime:

And of course I poured some into a glass for me to enjoy now (I'm drinking it as I write this!)

So, that's my birthday present to me.  I'm looking forward to many more smoothies - what fruit do you like blended together?


Deb said...

That seems like a delightful birthday present!

Also? That smoothie looks so tasty! Want. So. Bad! Om nom nom!

I haven't made many smoothies yet, but when the have OJ, celery and pineapple--plus or minus berries--I'm hard-pressed to not go back for seconds.

Nichole Giles said...

Happy birthday! What a great gift to yourself. I think there's no better gift than the little things that make you most happy.

And you are a girl after my own heart. YUM! I might have to go dig out my blender and make one of those myself. Looks delish.

Unknown said...

Thanks Nicole :) And it is totally the little things that make us happy.

Debs - I would never have thought of using celery in a smoothie but might just have to give that a go. I love pinapple too but my boyfriend doesn't which is why I didn't put any in my smoothie yesterday :)