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Thursday 24 March 2011

Could I Be Carrie Bradshaw?

I am a huge fan of Sex and the City - I enjoy the questions posed and following their sex lives/relationships - but most of all I watch it for the writing scenes.  In almost every episode (possibly every episode) there is at least one shot of Carrie typing away on her laptop.  I love these scenes.  I imagine I could be Carrie Bradshaw, writing articles on sex (or anything at all).  I mean, she has a great life: she stays out all night, gets up late (in the episode I just watched she is woken at 11.30 by a phone call from Mr. Big), shops and writes - my perfect lifestyle in a nutshell.

Of course I know that it isn't really like that (though nothing makes me feel more like Carrie than being a student and typing little articles for my blog!) but every time I watch it I get a rush of 'it could be like that'.  And that of course makes me want to go off and write and one day have a show made out of my column.  But the wanting the money and to be like Carrie Bradshaw isn't the important part.  The main reason I watch Sex and the City is because it always makes me want to be a writer.  And that includes the writing part.  It drives me to actually type out words and consider that one day I could be making a living out of my writing (but only if I put the work in now).

So yes, I know it may seem silly to watch something just because I have the same ambition as one of the characters.  There may not be much point to dreaming of a fictional life but it gets me writing (on my laptop no less - though mine is strictly PC, no Macs for me thank you very much) in my real life, right now.  And it gives me hope that, while I probably won't ever be Carrie Bradshaw, I may become someone with my own success story.

Are there any characters (fictional or real) who inspire you to follow your dreams and put in the hard work?


Ashley said...

I totally want to be Lois Lane... only for television journalism instead of newspaper!

Ashley said...
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