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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Wednesday 16 March 2011

An Amazing Day

On Saturday I had an incredible day.  But, when I think about it, I expect it will seem mundane, ordinary and is perhaps a weekly occurance for many people.  The great day?  Going shopping.

Seriously, on Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to a nearby town to visit Heaven Is A Cupcake (they had a stall and I just had to buy some cupcakes), go shopping at the market and have lunch.  All in all, it was a fantastic day for me.  I'm sure many of you are thinking - so what?  Well, for me, Saturday was a big day.  I rarely am able to leave the house for long periods of time now, especially without my wheelchair; so going out for a whole day was something I looked forward to for weeks.  It is also something I'm still recovering from.

Because, having M.E., I can't just spontaneously get up and go out.  I have to rest for days beforehand so I know I'll be able to get home.  And I have to arrange it at a time when I know it won't matter too much if I can't do anything for the next week or so (that's why I haven't been blogging yet this week).  Basically, this weekend tradition which I loved when I was a kid, is now an event in my life.  It happens rarely, and when it does I make the most of it as I know I'm going to have to pay the price for my enjoyment.

I am not writing this to make you feel guilty.  Believe me, that's the last thing I want.  I am happy for you that you are able to live a full life.  But please remember how lucky you are.  They say that you don't know what you have until you lose it, and I have to say that that is incredibly true of health.  We take our bodies and abilities for granted - until we don't have them anymore and it's too late.

Anyway, there will be pictures of my day out as soon as I get round to sorting them out.  For now, I have a week's worth of writing to catch up on as I've spent the past 3 days stuck in bed.


Deb said...

"I am happy for you that you are able to live a full life. But please remember how lucky you are." I try to remember this every day, but I'm grateful for every reminder!

It's definitely been easier since my mom died about a year ago; seeing her collapsing into walls and sitting on the edge of her bed because that was the only thing she could do anymore was a profoundly moving experience. Even when I'm blue, I try to be thankful for everything I have. I'm also trying to get back into the habit of saying my old "prayers," which is to say, saying thanks for everything I have at the end of each day. I'd start with my toes: "Thank you for my toes, without which I'd have a hard time balancing." Usually I'd be asleep long before i made it all the way up to my knees. :D

Unknown said...

When I'm feeling low I often do the same - create a thank you list that I mutter out loud (I'm usually going somewhere when I do this so don't want to be too loud!) though I don't think my lists are quite as detailed as yours.

dominique said...

First of all, LOVE the new look. You go girl!

Secondly, I'm so glad you got to do an 'event'! Woo Hoo.

You are so right. I havenot left my apartment for 3 months and am looking at quite a long time before I will be able to, so I totally get how sometimesyou plan for the event, and you have to plan for the PEM.

So glad you go to get out and have some fun!

Unknown said...

Thanks for taking the time and energy to comment Dominique - I really appreciate it. I'm still not sure about the new look but am going to leave it alone for a little while and see how I feel about it later. Sorry to hear you're stuck at home, my thoughts are with you but remember that the light will come eventually :) (even if it's only for very short periods of time).