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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Saturday, 12 June 2010

What Happened to Men Power?

I have been looking around the blog-o-sphere lately in the search for motivation, inspiration and creativity.  What I have found has overwhelmed me.  I have come to realise that there are oh so many women standing up and grabbing their potential.  It really is amazing how supportive of each other these women are and as a result how amazing the work they produce is.  But I am beginning to wonder where are the men?  I'm all for women power, don't get me wrong, but mainly I'm for equality.  I believe that anything men can do, women can do.  But surely that phrase should stand the other way as well?  Anything women can do, men can do.  I'm sure they can, afterall, photography is still mainly dominated by men, or so I'm told.  So where is the evidence of this?  I haven't found many blogs written by men?  Is it that they aren't inspirational and creative or that they show it in another place (in which case - where are they?).  I'm seriously confused.  While women are rising up and proving that they can make in a man-dominated world, the men seem to be in the background and happy to stay quiet and alone in any endeavours they might partake in.

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