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Monday, 21 June 2010

Continuing my Novel

Regular followers of my blog will remember that I attempted NaNoWriMo last year and didn't get very far.  I have left the word count up on this blog and finally have added to it.  Yesterday I decided it was time to get back to the novel after writing a few short stories.

The main problem I have is that I'm just not that excited about this story anymore.  No, that's not entirely true.  I'm excited about the story but I'm not excited about being the one to tell it.  And honestly I don't know if it will stretch to novel length (one of the reasons I'm writing it, to find out how long it will be).  It's not in my usual genre, though in fairness I don't know what my usual genre is yet.  But this one is very specific - YA Fantasy/Dystopian/Adventure and I know that that's not what I want to be writing in the future (though I'll never say never).

So why am I writing it anyway?  Because I want to finish it.  I've been working on this idea literally for years.  It's almost like I have to get it out of the way before I can start seriously writing.  I also want to know if I can write a story of novel length - so far everything I've written has been a short story.  Though I am wondering if perhaps short stories are better for me as I don't have to stay excited about them for as long - it's much easier to move onto new ideas with short stories.  And I figure that writing of any form is good.  I'm getting words onto the page (or screen, technically) and that can't be a bad thing (even if they are pretty atrocious and would need a LOT of editing).


Kess said...

Good luck! I'm sure once you really get into it the words will start flowing and you will become more enthusiastic about it

lozzzy said...

Good luck with finishing it :) I've been writing a novel for about 3 years now and I'm getting nowhere fast! I stare at the page for ages not having a clue what to do but when I get an idea, I write for hours. Hopefully we'll both get our mojo back and finally finish :D

Unknown said...

Thanks both of you and I hope you're right Kess. Lozzy, I wish you luck with your writing as much as I need it myself!

Unknown said...

Good luck with finishing it.
I've got several WIP and have realised that I really do function better with short stories and articles, but I still yearn to finish some things.