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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Why I Buy Homemade

For the past few months I have been obsessively scouring Etsy, wishing I could afford to buy things from there.  It's not that anything is excessively expensive, more that it is American and therefore I would have to pay ridiculous shipping fees.  So imagine my happiness when I finally stumbled upon the English version - Folksy.  For those of you who don't know, Etsy and Folksy are like internet markets, full of stalls filled with handmade goods; literally everything that can be made is being sold.

I am a big believer in buying handmade, especially for gifts.  There is nothing better than knowing that what you are buying is a one-off and has been made with love, care and passion.  Not only that, but it is my belief, that through supporting individuals who are attempting to make a living in this way, we can dig ourselves out of the recession.  I feel happier knowing that my money is going directly to the maker rather than being filtered down through companies and employees, the manufacturers and finally, the workers.  And I know that all my money (or, at least, a large percentage of it) is staying in our economy.  Keeping this money circulating is what will keep us, the people of the country, going and out of debt. 

Not to mention the inspiration and creativity I feel while doing my shopping! 
These are a few of my favourite shops, feel free to add your favourites in the comments:

Saffronbarr - soaps and skincare
Charming Home Makes - home additions, fabric makes
Diomo Glass - suncatchers and glass makes
Wall Envy Art - awesome artwork using quotes
Ginger's Altered Bits - jewellery, bookmarks and misc.
Zuzu's Petals - altered misc.
The Quilted Teacup - cushions, homeware
Fiona t. Embroidered Stuff - awesome covered journals

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