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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Friday 12 March 2010

Script Frenzy

Remember NaNoWriMo? Well, in April there is yet another crazy endeavour being run through the internet - ScriptFrenzy. The idea is to write a 100 page script (of any style and genre) within the 30 days of April. Find out all about it at ScriptFrenzy.

I'm not planning on attempting this this year as it is the month before everything is due in for uni and honestly I think that's where my efforts should be put, but thought I'd share it with you incase anyone has a hankering to writing scripts and needs a little nudge.

I actually really love writing scripts - when I had to write a theatre play at college I found it really enjoyable and am now doing a module on scriptwriting as part of my course, I'm currently writing a radio play based on Hansel and Gretel and loving every moment of it.


Ashley said...

I don't know why NaNo wants to hold their events during November and April, the two months out of the whole year when college students are busiest! Script Frenzy sounds fun, but I never had a huge interest in scripts, and I'm not sure I could handle more than one crazy month of writing a year. Also, I still need to finish my NaNo novel that I haven't touched since November...

Kess said...

I agree! There's no way I'll have time to participate with Script Frenzy, but I'd definitely like to have a go at NaNo in November - I'll be completely through with studying by then! Your script sounds really interesting and imaginative Bethany :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Kess and I totally agree with you Ashley (and as you can see, my NaNo novel hasn't been touched since November either - the plan is to continue with it over the summer, that's the theory anyway.