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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Tuesday 17 January 2012

Vote For Me To Win a Scholarship for the Girl's Guide to Web Design Course

You all know that I have been thinking and talking about getting my own website for a while.  Clearly I haven’t made the leap yet.  This post is my entry to the Girl’s Guide to Web Design Scholarship course which, if I win, will enable me to create my dream site so I need you all to go and votefor me (the rest of the post is telling you why).

As you know, I am a writer.  But I want to be more than just a writer.  I want to be known as a blogger and as a creative entrepreneur.  This is why I want my own website – I want to have a home for myself online, where all aspects of who I am and what I do can be found under one roof so to speak.  I’m imagining a website that lets you know this is Tamara Epps’ space.  I want something clear and easy to navigate, yet sparkly and unique; with space for my blog, my shop, my subscription service and ebooks, as well as any future ideas I roll out.

As I’m just getting started I don’t have any money to spend on getting professional help, and I’m not sure I am ready to let my ideas come to life through someone else.  I have always been stubborn and independent which is why I love that this course teaches the students how to do it by themselves.  I also know that my vision will probably change over time as I add new aspects and ideas to the site and I don’t want to have to rely on someone else to make that a possibility every time – I want my viewers to be the first to know about it.

I am applying for the Jetsetter Edition as this will allow me to move at my own pace, meaning I will be able to work around the limited energy I have due to my M.E.  I love that they offer the course like this (as well as an 8-week course) as, for people like me, having to follow someone else’s structure can be a real strain on health – and often ends with having to drop-out or give up half way through.  You all know that I am not a quitter, which means I tend to power through and end up putting myself back (I’m doing my best to work on this).

The competition requires that I tell you one secret fact about me.  This is harder than it sounds as I always strive to share my secrets with you.  So I’ll just tell you that, while I may actually be quite an organised person, I am not a tidy person.  Ever wonder why I never showed you pics of our new place?  It’s because I haven’t finished unpacking (I have a lot of stuff) and what is unpacked is strewn across the place.


Udoka Omenukor said...

Hey! I'm Udoka. I'm actually one of your competitors (the girl with red glasses), but I just read your profile...

No matter the out come of the scholarship contest, I am launching my blog (Girl After College) this year. And someone like you would be a great guest contributer. If you are serious about becoming a blogger and decide to seek websites to guest post at, please keep me in your Rolodex!

My email is

KipperCat said...

Hi Tamara, Can we vote for you every day? Some contests are like that.

Unknown said...

Hi KipperCat,
Thank you so much for supporting me. I don't think you can vote every day as it uses facebook 'likes' which I think you can only press once - thanks for thinking to ask though.