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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Monday, 16 January 2012

An Experiment with Structuring

I have decided that if I am going to get anywhere with all my wonderful plans and ideas (especially as I seem to have opened the floodgates and now they are all pouring in), that I need to add a little structure to my days.  So far I have been getting on with a very (very) loose structure that larger revolves around the fact that I have to wait for my laptop to charge between the times I use it.  While I’d like to think that I have the self-discipline for this to work, it clearly hasn’t been; and, quite frankly, I don’t like feeling like a failure at the end of every day because I haven’t achieved as much as I’d set out to do (which is often only one or two things) due to the fact that I get distracted with other stuff I can do.

So I’m putting my foot down (metaphorically) and taking control of my days (literally).  Remember those timetables you used to use at high school, with all the lessons marked clearly in their timetabled boxes?  Well, I’m going to replicate that idea and make my very own timetable for each day.  I am hoping to still keep a little spontaneity and quite a bit of flexibility in it, but I think that the general meandering between activities that I have been doing just isn’t going to cut it if I actually want to make some money this year.

Do you have a structure to your day or do you just do whatever you feel like?  Let me know in the comments what works for you and if you would like to see my timetable later this week.

1 comment:

Christine Murray said...

I'm going to implement a timetable too. I let way too many things fall by the wayside because I spend too much time on one thing.