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Monday 9 January 2012

How Making Pizza Proves YOU Are Creative

You all know that I am a creative person.  You may or may not think you, yourself are creative.  I know that you are all creative.

Creativity isn't limited to artists and writers and dreamers.  Creativity is in everything you do.  Every decision you make requires you to use your creativity - whether that be time management, choosing what to read or deciding what you are having for dinner.

I think I've always known this but yesterday I realised that it's the truth - everyone is creative (yes, you too).  We are currently having to live with less money than we're used to (apparently, being a student is a luxury life these days) and the first place we're changing our habits is with our food.  Granted, we have never really been that adventurous when it comes to what's for dinner - we've almost always turned towards pasta.  And, unfortunately, the occasional take-out pizza.  Yesterday we had pretty much had it with pasta and really wanted the unhealthy pizza option.  Yet, we knew it wasn't really an option if we want to be able to pay our rent and bills.

This is where the creativity kicked in.  I decided to look for a recipe we could make with what we had in our cupboards (which were particularly bare).  Within 10 minutes I had found this recipe.  I had used another recipe from Tammy's Recipes and strongly recommend you take a look if you need something quick, cheap and easy for dinner.

Uncooked Biscuit Crust Pizza with Spinach

For those of you too lazy to click on the links (I don't hold it against you, honestly), the recipe was Biscuit Crust Pizza.  It took us 45 minutes from when we decided to make it til when we were eating it.  It was entirely edible as well as very cheap and much healthier than take out (though I would advise using less salt than recommended).  And it proves that creativity is possible for everyone.  The decision not to stay safe with the same pasta meal we always have was a creative act.  Searching for a few minutes online to find something we had the ingredients for was a creative act (by the way, it used: plain flour, baking powder, butter, milk, pizza sauce and cheese).  Using pasta sauce rather than pizza sauce was a creative act.  Adding spinach (because we love it and because that's what we had in the freezer) was a creative act.

Another pic of our pizza that I'm super proud of.  Sorry, I forgot to take one of it actually cooked as we were too hungry to remember!

I think you get my point.  Everytime you allow yourself to step outside your comfort zone, you strengthen your creativity.  And I promise, THE CREATIVITY IS ALREADY THERE. 

1 comment:

Christine Murray said...

Oh, takeaway pizza. We're guilty of that sin too (both from a financial and a health point of view).

That pizza looks scrummy, btw.