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Saturday, 7 January 2012

How I'm Learning Online

I realise I have been MIA for the past week, but I have been kick-starting my business plans by attending a virtual event, Profit SOS (the talks are still available but only if you wish to purchase the VIP 'tickets').  The course involved 2 webinars each day and I have to say it was quite a learning experience for me.  Not only did I get plenty of very useful information, it opened my mind to all the possibilities the internet has for learning.

I've always known that the internet is a great place for information.  It is the first place I turn to in most cases when I wish to know something.  But until now I've been 'playing it safe' by just looking at written pages of information.  Now, I'm not saying that that isn't a great way to learn (personally, I love reading anything and everything I can get my hands on); but it isn't the only way to learn (and for some people it isn't a particularly easy way to keep information in the mind).  I am now open to trying more virtual events as well as using video and podcasts/webinars to boost my learning.  I'm thinking that later this year I will be looking into Psychology and Sociology courses available (apparently many univerisities make most of their courses available for anyone to access).

But for right now I am going to focus on using everything I've learnt and starting to put it into practice.  If there's any part of learning I fall down on, this is it.  I'm a very academic person so like learning by taking in information; and writing essays is usually as practical as I like to get.  Obviously, simply knowing tactics isn't going to get me far in actually creating and running a business.  I realise that I'm in for an even steeper learning curve but I am excited to be on this journey and hope you all enjoy following along.


Bethany Elizabeth said...

I always do better when I write stuff or read stuff, but hearing it can sometimes be a big help. :) You sound very determined, so I can't imagine anything getting in your way. :D

Unknown said...

Thanks Bethany, I'm the same in that I prefer reading and writing. But listening meant I had to take notes which is one of the best ways for me to actually absorb information.