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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Friday 2 April 2010

Thinking Time

Lately I have spent a lot of time with other people - with my family and with my boyfriend.  Not all this time has been constantly togetherness but I have still begun to feel stifled.  I have become confused about who I am and what I want and today I figured out why.

I am still the same person but I have had far too little time to realise this.  All my time has been influenced by others, even if not directly, then by me being in their personal space.  So I am going to make an effort to create a little space for my thoughts, a little time to myself with no one and nothing else cluttering my mind.  I need that time to figure things out (though not always consciously).

Do you find that if you are always busy and/or with others that you become lost in a world of confusion?  Or have you learnt the balance between yourself and others that you no longer need to keep a little space for yourself?


Julie P said...

I find, Bethany, that if I spend a lot of time with others I tend to get drawn into their little disputes and negativity! This os particularly true of groups and work places I find.

I'm quite a sociable and easy going person, but I find that as I get older I am less tolerant of social gatherings and I find myself increasingly wanting to pull myself back in and spend time alone - maybe it's the writer in me!

I am definitely more choosy about who I spend time with and for how long. It's not me being snobby or rude - it's just that I think we are all entitled to our own time and we should be given respect for not wanting to be amongst others all of the time - not made out to be unsociable party poopers!

I hope you manage to find your own time and don't feel guilty about it! It's good to get out into the world, but it's also equally important to be alone with our own thoughts.

Take care

Julie xx

Unknown said...

Thank you for your thoughts Julie, they are much appreciated :)

Anna said...

Hi Bethany!
I loved this post.
I think we all need *personal time,*
This weekend our door has literally not stopped,
and at one point I felt so overwhelmed I felt like crying.
Now, I'm * still * in bed ( lazy woman lol)
but it feels wonderful, because it's quiet and I can think straight.
Your blog is lovely.
I reached here via Kess.
( The angel. :)