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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Friday, 9 April 2010


Sometimes I really don't understand our society.  Instead of saying what we are thinking, we boil inside (or bitch about it to someone else).  Take today for example.  The boiler man came round at 8am.  He should have come yesterday.  No wait, he was originally supposed to come over the weekend (last weekend not this weekend).  So first of all he is about a week late.  And then he turns up at 8am.  Instead of knocking and letting everyone know that he is now turning off the water he used his keys to get in then just turned the water off for the day.  Meaning no one could go to the bathroom, brush their teeth, wash-up - you get the idea.  He wasn't quiet.  He woke me and my boyfriend up and it wasn't long before the housemates were awake too.  We hadn't been told he'd need to check the radiators in every room.  We'd been told it would last a few hours maximum.  And you know what - he hasn't finished yet, he is coming tomorrow at 7.30am to work for the rest of the day and hopefully he will be done.  Two days!  Two days without water.  Ok, we have water now but only cold water and that will be turned off at some ridiculously early hour (hello, we're students and we're on our break).  So what do we do about it?  We are very polite to the boiler man who has just screwed up our day but inwardly we are all cursing.  Please explain!   Are we really a society that will accept whatever happens to us as we can't be bothered/don't want to cause a fuss/are worried how we appear to others to let them know that they have upset us?  And is that really better?


Kess said...

I'm sorry your day has been messed up, hun. I would've been exactly the same - boiling inside, but unable to voice my complaints. Is there someone you can report him to?

Unknown said...

Unfortunately it isn't that simple though we will be having words with the landlady (she is on holiday at the moment and we think that might be why he put us off for so long). Besides, it isn't us (but the landlady) who is paying him.