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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

In The Last 3 Years...

Tomorrow I am graduating.  I don't actually know how I feel about this right now as I have been far too busy trying to cram all my stuff into a small number of boxes (okay, so not such a small number and I am leaving a bit behind to be brought along later but you get my drift).  I'm sure tomorrow will be an emotional day for me as I realise that I really am in the big, bad world now and don't have the title of 'student' to protect me any longer; but that's a post for another day.

Today I'm simply going to write a list of things that I have done in the past 3 years while at uni (in no particular order), just because I can.

  • I stayed up all night and slept all day
  • I ate an entire cheesecake by myself in one day (2 sittings - a quarter at dinner, 3/4 when I got the munchies after drinking
  • I had a one night stand
  • I lost my virginity (see above)
  • I fell in love (nothing to do with above statements)
  • I lived with many nightmare flatmates
  • I went to class with a hangover
  • I kissed a girl
  • I was offered drugs and turned them down
  • I acted drunk without drinking any alcohol
  • I got very drunk (and probably acted it!)
  • I made some incredible friends
  • I held a dinner party for a very small group of friends
  • I organised a surprise party
  • I restarted the Creative Writing Society for my uni
  • I wrote many stories I'm proud of (and a few that make me cringe)
  • I fell in love with blogging
  • I ordered and ate countless take-aways
  • I read books I never would have considered
  • I came on to a friend (and thankfully was turned down)
  • I became addicted to How I Met Your Mother
  • I started stitching a again and now can't stop
  • I hemmed a pair of jeans for the first time
  • I went to a uni football match and cheered for our team (as a cheerleader no less)
This is not a finite list of course, I just can't remember everything right now (it was the longest and shortest of three years!).  What have you done while a student?  Please share in the comments.


Anonymous said...

How I Met Your Mother, got very drunk, and stayed up all night/slept all day are some of the things we did in common. (In no particular order, of course...) ;) LOL

Nicole Jayne said...

One night stand Tara I'm shocked ;-)

Congrats on graduating, little bit of advice enjoy the day and take in every moment.

My list,

*Stayed up for 8 days straight (deadlines always fun)
*Ordered 3 pizzas and in 2 days ate all 3 yes they were large aswell.
*Drank 2 bottles of 2L Pepsi/Coke a day.
*Live with some of the worst people in the world in the first year.
*Lived in a Water Mill.
*Fell in love with my boyfriends best friend (now we live together)
*Slept with a girl (Slept nothing else!)
*Watched all 6 seasons of Family guy in one go.
*Met an amazing guy who is still my best friend
*Feel asleep in a lecture theatre woke up in some other peoples lecture.
*Learned I was the best at cooking Pasta
*Graduated twice :-)

There's probably more but that all I can remember.