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Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Sound of Blogs

It has never really occurred to me how we hear the written word before.  What I mean is, when I read words off a page I hear them in my head, as if someone is talking to me.  This happens particularly with blogs as everyone has such a unique voice and so you all become characters in my head.  That was until yesterday when someone posted a youtube video where their voice was an overvoice (so I couldn't see them) and I realised that I didn't really hear the bloggers.  I hear their words in my voice (well, the sound of my voice anyway) - so therefore every blog I read is English, Female, Early Twenties, you see where I'm going with this.

So I began to wonder how you hear my voice when you are reading this and if it becomes across as completely different than how it sounds in my head (which I'm now beginning to realise that it probably sounds nothing like me in your head).  So how do I sound?  Who do you see when you read my words? (This is mainly aimed at those of you who don't know me or not well, eg. Kess, your voice in your blog is a lot more confident than when I've talked to you in rl, so feel free to pass your judgement on me)


Kess said...

I've never thought about that before. I think that's a fair assessment of me. I am not a confident speaker at all. I'm not really sure how your blogging voice compares to your voice in real life. I'll think about it and get back to you

Ashley said...

Was that my video that you were referring to?

I love hearing peoples' voices on their blogs when they post vlogs and stuff, because I'm the same way as you: I give people their own voices. Somehow, some combination of the way your blog looks, with your picture, and your writing style has made your voice in my head sound like my friend Kat's. I'm sure your actually voice sounds way different, as you are not a young American girl from Colorado.

Unknown said...

Yes, Ashley it was you I was referring to. However I have watched vlogs linked to blogs before but because I could see the speaker it made a huge difference and I didn't notice particularly how they were speaking as I was busy watching them. It's strange how visuals and sounds appear completely different when they are not together.