Help me Celebrate my Birthday

Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Monday 17 May 2010


Lately I have started paying attention to the world.  It started gradually through noticing topics that popped up often in blogs such as the iPad and the ridiculous debates on how it will effect publishing - yes it will effect it, yes it will change our reading habits in the future, no it will never fully overtake books (just read the comments and you can see that such a large portion of the consumers like reading off paper and you'll come to the same conclusion I promise).  And then I started watching the news.  I don't watch it everyday and honestly I don't really care, but for the first time I'm paying attention.  And I think I know why.

I am bored and not in the good relaxing way.  My mind is craving stimulation and my way of getting it is to pay attention and learn new things.  I spend hours every day reading blogs, I am addicted and not only because I'm nosey, but because I need to feed that hole that devours information.  I lap up any and every piece of advice given about writing about life.  I probably don't follow 90% but I still want to know what people have to offer.  I still don't really care but I'm finding that knowing what's going on in the world can be fun (even if I never see anyone to discuss said issues) and the more I feel the hunger, the bigger the hunger gets.  I need more information.  I need to know new things.  I don't actively look into many of the topics unless they are so amazing I can't help myself (hasn't happened yet).  I didn't see this coming.  I didn't expect to become this person.  I've always been happy in my own little world but now I can't avoid it, I want more and more and more (though I do have a limit of a few times a week with watching the news but I love shows like Loose Women which actually make me think). I don't ever want to lose my ability to think for myself so I'm going to keep reading and writing and learning.

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