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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Friday 12 February 2010

I Just Hate Some People

You know those people who accost you as you are trying to get from A to B - well, they are the people I'm absolutely hating right now. I know it's not fair to label all of them but they are so annoying. I know that they are just doing their jobs and possibly work on commission but how many times do I have to tell you I'm not interested before you leave me alone?

Today, I just wanted to go to Tesco but to get there I had to go past one of the stalls that are trying to sell, sell, sell. In fairness, normally I keep walking and can be pretty rude back and they get the message. Today I decided I would be polite and simply said "I'm not interested thank you" - the guy didn't stop talking to me but continued, so I said it again thinking that perhaps he hadn't heard me. This time he definitely heard me and instead of leaving me alone, he followed me all the while trying to talk to me with crap lines such as "Just between you and me..." I never heard the end of that sentence as thank the gods, it is illegal for them to move very far away from the stall. But now I never want to walk past and I don't have a choice unless I walk a lot further - I was polite and it bit me in the butt. So clearly, rudeness is the only way to get through to these people (I'm not actually that rude, I just ignore them, I don't swear at them or anything, though often I feel like I want to). And one more thing - why are they always so bloody happy? Your job sucks, people relate to that and are more likely to listen if it looks like you would rather kill yourself than be there!

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