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Friday 5 February 2010

Apologies but Motivated

Sorry that I haven't been blogging quite as often recently - there are all manner of excuses that I could cook up but quite frankly I don't have the time or the energy. Honestly, I have been working on my research and writing so much over the past few weeks that I have left myself absolutely shattered - but the thing is, I'm still motivated! Yes, you read that right - I am motivated. I'm not talking excited about a new idea (although that is certainly coming into play), I'm not even talking about excited about the writing process (which in reality is way too difficult and why on earth did I decide I wanted to write?) but I am just motivated. I'm motivated to do the washing, motivated to read articles and interviews and essays (some of which I'm not sure anyone will ever understand), motivated to sit for a few hours staring at my screen as I carefully type out a few sentences. I am in the work zone. I am at the point where it almost doesn't matter what I am working on (I did say almost) but I know I want to try my hardest and be my best - this girl is on fire so trying to sustain it as long as possible before either I physically can't (which I'm worried is way too soon) or I don't want to anymore (by which time I hope to have enough work under my belt to focus on the editing process which I absolutely love - yes, I know I'm weird already). So apologies but I wouldn't trade this feeling of motivation for anything.

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