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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Friday 22 January 2010


A while ago I wrote about how I thought it was a shame that so many places seem to be opting for the use of self-service machines. Today, I found myself on the opposite of the bench - I had waited for over ten minutes to post my items and when I handed them she pointed out that I had done something slightly wrong with the parcels. Instead of offering to help she spoke to me as if I was a total idiot for making that mistake and implied that I was wasting her time. Thankfully I had a friend with me who helped me sort it out but after that I chose to use the machine to pay to send it - there was no queue and I knew it couldn't upset me or be rude. I will say that one of the people on the other tills was lovely and very helpful when I wasn't sure what to do with the package as it wouldn't fit in the slot by the machines.

Overall, I will say I still prefer being served by live people rather than me having to navigate lots of buttons on a screen; but I also think that it wouldn't kill people to simply polite rather than assume that everyone who isn't them is stupid and/or wasting their time.

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Kess said...

I was just thinking about that blog post of yours the other day! Lol. I needed to post a parcel, and a card overseas, and the post office was heaving! I decided to give the machines a try and found them very self-explanatory. It saved me so much time!

I know what you mean though. It is nicer to be served by a live human being, as long as you can guarantee their courtesy, but the machines do appear to be doing their job and benefiting us too