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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I have been very busy for the past two days, not doing work (though that's probably what I should have been doing) but reading blogs. I like following blogs but at this time of year - yes, the beginning - the blogoverse goes mental. There's all those people who are starting a new blog for a new year (ok, so I haven't gotten around to those yet); there are those joining in the memes of looking back and favourites of the past year etc; and there are those that have made resolutions to keep to their blog better (you know who you are).

I personally have never really been able to understand the whole New Year Resolutions idea - to me it's just a chance to make you feel like crap in a few weeks when you don't stick to the ridiculous, over-the-top resolutions you promised you would do (you know - go on a strict diet, be organised, generally be better). So I haven't made any New Year Resolutions but I am kind of bending the rules by undertaking the photo a day challenge. But I don't see this as a resolution, simply a chance to do something different and make myself more observant (ok, so that last bit is a bit resolutiony) but in fairness I feel that any time of year is as good as any other to start resolutions - if you're that type of person. The only reason I'm starting now is it's an easy date to remember but my point is - any date is good enough; don't always wait for the New Year, if you get the desire to do something during the year start it then and there (or else, it won't ever happen, believe me), don't put if off. I guess this is kind of a strange time to be posting this particular post but now is when it is in my mind simply from the sure quantity of blogs I have read over the past few days. Anyway, Happy New Year/New Decade/New You (if applicable).


Kess said...

You're right when you suggest that any time is a good time to make a resolution. There's no time like the present, but I think some people prefer to set them at the beginning of the year as they see it as being a fresh start.

Lyn said...

Hi Bethany, this is my first time popping by and I like what I see. You express yourself very well and I enjoy your banter. I agree with Kess -- I think New Years creats an opportunity to pause and reflect and reset the compass. A fresh start always makes attainment of a goal a better shot. I guess we decide what we would like to accomplish over the year -- like you posting a daily picture -- and what things we would do differently. Happy new year to you Bethany, and thanks for following my blog. Cheers.

Julie P said...

I always have good intentions af starting New Years resolutions but soon run out of steam - so now if I want to change something for the better - I start it when I'm really ready - got better chanve of being successful then and can lose the 'failure' guilt trip!

Julie xx