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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Rushing Through Life

As a student on my summer vacation, it could be presumed that I am doing nothing. And in fairness, that's probably how it appears to most people. I stay at home most days (not by choice - I have M.E and going out a lot is just not an option) and watch t.v, read, blog, neopets, facebook, crafts, occasionally write and that's pretty much it. But I still feel that I'm rushing through my life; all the time I am constantly thinking about what I will do next, and for how long, and what after that, but I need to that, but I'd rather do that - and you see where I'm going with this. My mind is constantly on. Even when I'm sitting or laying still, I am always thinking about what else I will be doing. Even now I am watching 'My Family', and doing many things online and am thinking about how much I want to finish the book I am reading. But I am still rushing - I am not enjoying it as much as if I completely stopped and did one thing at a time and put all of my mind on it, I assume. In fact, I have managed to slow down to that extent once or twice and it was better, and induced much better rest, but I don't often achieve it as there's just so much to do.

This got me thinking about how our society always rushes through everything. We are full of clocks, alarms, timetables and calenders. We pack our schedules so as to stop ourselves getting bored and in the process manage to completely tire ourselves out and so therefore don't enjoy anything we have achieved anyway. Even walking through town, you will notice how most people are walking very fast and, ok, so some of them have places to be, the rest of them just feel the need to speed around the shops as quick as possible and pack everything in. Try walking slow and see how hard it is not to get knocked to the floor - tip, if you do try this you might want to hold your head high if you don't actually want to be walked in to (from experience). So slow down your life, even if it's just for 30mins of focus on one thing and see just how much more relaxed you feel.

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Kess said...

I am exactly the same, especially with books. I will be reading one book and at the same time deciding what I want to read next, and it takes away some of the pleasure in reading the current book as I'm so eager to finish it!

During the last year I felt I was always rushing. I would find myself hurrying to the bus stop for my ride home, hurrying to work, hurrying through books and essays, and exhausting myself! I don't think it's a habit I can easily break out of!