Help me Celebrate my Birthday

Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Saturday 19 September 2009


The latest craze for anyone who enjoys writing is to be found at where you write, comment and challenge with stories. The catch? Each story must be 1024 characters or less - this is actually more than you might realise. Although the site is far from completion it has many users, with the same faces popping up constantly, enough that you can feel a real community growing - a feeling which is enhanced by the ability to leave comments and write prequels and sequels to other user's contributions. There is also the challenge page - my personal favourite part of the site. Users initiate challenges and then judge the entries themselves, not only does this give you the chance to compete against other writers in an informal and friendly way, but provides ideas and sparks the imagination.

I highly recommend this site for anyone who feels that they just don't have time in the day for their writing. Due to the short space you won't necessarily spend hours creating it (though of course there is nothing to stop you doing this), there are no other limits and the vibe from reading other works will make you want to start typing. Find me there at:, if you join, please leave a link in the comments for all to enjoy your work (and please excuse the fact that I have somehow managed to publish the same story twice - I can't work out how to delete the spare - if you know, please leave me a comment).

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