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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Guilty Shoes

Every woman I know has something in her wardrobe that hasn't been worn, or something she has only worn the once and never taken out since. For me, it's a pair of sandals. Simply put, I don't like them. They technically weren't an impulse buy but more of a rebound buy. The sandals I really liked didn't fit, but I still needed a pair, and so I ended up with the second choice. I have worn them once, and that was more just to please my mother - she was there when I bought them and so she knows exactly how much I spent on them - the guilt just piles up. I have to admit that the guilt is worse simply because I'm worried about what my mum will think. However, when I was packing up for uni this year, I chose to leave them; partially because I didn't have space in my bag but also because I was taking a breath and making a decision on my own, leaving the guilty party behind me, and simply moving on. Granted, I'm not quite up to the point where I could give them to charity (I might like them next year) but I made the first step to getting rid of things I don't really need. So I have given myself a pat on the back, I believe I deserve it - make your own decision but stop being so hard on yourself - would you treat your friends like that? (I mean, I hope you would be supportive of them as you should be to yourself, not giving them away).

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