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Sunday 19 July 2009

Rearranging Your Life

I have just finished rearranging the furniture in my bedroom to make room for the new bed that will be delivered this week. As I have only just done it, I'm not entirely sure what I think of the result - it's not quite as I had imagined it but neither have I done anything particularly radical. It's one of those things that I expect I will get used to, and probably relatively quickly, but for now it still feels strange.

As it happens my life has recently turned direction with the introduction of 'the boyfriend'. As someone who has been single for over 4 years and has never had a really truly grown-up serious (wow, can I fit anymore adjectives into that?) relationship I am finding that I am changing quite a lot of my life to fit him in. And I'm thinking that that's similar to moving the furniture in my room. At the moment I am unsure of what I think but overall it has made my room look a lot bigger which could be seen either as a plus or a negative of the change. I could decide that I don't want a lot of space and it makes the space too open and not homey enough and move everything back or I could decide that the perception space could be a good thing and I'll give it time to let myself adjust. It's up to me. The same is true of the changes I'm making for the relationship - I could decide that I was happy with the life I had before and run or I could wait and see where this new part of my life will lead.

In truth, I was happy with my bedroom the way it was as I was happy with myself and the life I had. But having a new, bigger bed and the furniture in a different, more spacious layout is probably going to be just as good if not better.

My point (and I apologise for the long-windedness of this post) is just because something is different or has changed doesn't automatically mean it is worse. It could be just as good or even better, but you won't find out unless you embrace it, leaving all doubt behind.

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