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Monday, 27 July 2009

The Power to Rock the World

I was watching The Princess Diaries and when Lilly has a go at her friend Mia because abdicating being princess would mean neither of them have the power to rock the world. Lilly's show only reaches 12 people. But I couldn't help wonder, doesn't it depend on who you reach. It is true that if you are famous, the chances are it'll be a damn cite easier to get your message to a larger number of people, but that doesn't mean that they'll hear you or act on what they do hear. Lilly may only reach 12 people, but those people may really listen and act and tell others - setting off a chain which is much more effective.

It also got me thinking about blogging. I mean, that is the reason we blog isn't it - to let people know our views, and we all hope that someone is reading and really caring - at least I know I am (if reading this blog has made you think about anything or changed your outlook I would really love to hear from you through your comments). But I have to question if too many people are trying to rock the world through blogging - it's so easy now to start one, slightly harder to keep one, and much harder to keep your readers (because there's so much choice for them to read). Anyone can let their voice be heard, but the chances are it'll be lost amongst the other voices. Yet we keep going, keep writing in the hope that we have made a difference and rocked the world for at least one person.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your encouraging comment Bethany :-) I do hope you get back on track with your writing soon - you really are talented.

By the way, this blog is so true, and I like your analogy to the Princess Diaries! I only have two people following my blog, but I don't let it dishearten me or put me off blogging. It's nice having my own little corner to write or do what I want. If people like it and want to read it, then all the better, but I appreciate that there are so many bloggers out there that it's impossible to read them all.

From time to time somebody will randomly comment and I find that quite reassuring because it just goes to show that people do occasionally stumble upon my blog and have a look.

Keep writing! You can be assured that you have at least one faithful follower :-)