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Saturday 23 May 2009

Looking Forward

Have you ever noticed how we organise our life by what is going to happen? We fill up events on our calenders - mine is particularly full right now as the local arts festival gets into full swing - and make notes of things we want to do. But how often do we stop and realise that while we're busy planning our lives, our lives are actually happening right now? And does the waiting for something give it false expectation which it's unlikely to be able to deliver?

Films, for example, are something I often look forward to. Currently I'm eagerly waiting for the next Happy Potter installment, Alice in Wonderland and Disney's Repunzel. The latter two aren't out for at least another year yet and so I worry about how bad they will be in comparison to what I imagine in my mind. And with good reason - I waited months and months for Coraline and when it came out foolishly went to see it in 3D, only to be bitterly disappointed. Not because the film wasn't good - the concept and design were incredible, just not up to my heightened expectations of the wait. I should add that I really don't have much idea of what is actually in the cinemas now, as I'm waiting for what will be out next year.

So often we go to the events that have been planned for months and while we are there, we are talking, or at least thinking, about what we will be doing what we get home, next week, next month. We are so preoccupied with organising our future that we forget we are living it right now.

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