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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunday Shout Out: Sunshine!

Sun and Clouds by Rebecca Barray

I am a winter girl - I like being able to snuggle up in lots of layers, have a hot drink, and of course there's Christmas as well.  In general I don't like the heat, not to mention that I burn easily and never tan.

The weather in the UK for the past week and a half has been hot; summer has finally hit.  Of course most people are still complaining about it, but that's just what we do.  For once though, I am not one of those complainers.  Yes, it's a little too warm for me, that's why I bought an electric fan; but I can't say that seeing the sunshine streaming into my flat all day is a bad thing (though I would rather it didn't wake me up really early and keep me awake in the evening).  I have in general been more positive and happy. Now I don't think that's all to do with the fact that the sun has come out to play, but I'm sending it a little appreciation regardless.

What about you? Are you a summer or winter person?  Do you love the heat or hate it?


hayleyeszti said...

I'm a summer girl! I love the summer, I only like Christmas during the winter, the rest of it is dreary, depressing, and worsens my pain. I'm glad you have been feeling chirpy - it must be the vitamin D! :D
xx Hayley-Eszti

Unknown said...

Thanks for commenting Hayley. While I find that heat can help my pain, that's more when it's applied directly. With this heat I am struggling to rest and sleep with obvious negative effects on my health. But I'm determined to at least try and enjoy the summer. :)