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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sunday Shout Out: Black Matpe Beans

Lately I have become a little more adventurous with food.  Part of this is due to Pinterest (honestly, I dare anyone to see all the amazing recipes on there and not be inspired), but a very large part is due to the fact that all the corner/local shops around me stock foods I've never even heard of.  My favourite store has an entire aisle of dried beans/pulses/legumes etc which is something I always want to use but never seem to be organised enough to do it (after all, there's that whole thing where you have to soak them overnight and boil them or they'll poison you); as well as pretty much every spice and herb you can think of.

So anyway, I took a chance and picked up a packet of dried black matpe beans.  I am already on my second packet which I think says it all.  These beans are quite small, dark in colour (though when soaked and boiled they turn the water a really disgusting green) and incredibly tasty.  So far I have used them for a pasta bake and a 'shepherd's pie' and I know I will be finding more and more uses for them as they are versatile and one of my favourite foods right now (the other would have to be sweetcorn which I have also fallen in love with).

I am so excited that I live in a time when I have access to every food under the sun, and more recipes than I could ever use; and am looking forward to continuing my discovering more foods and food ideas.

How adventurous are you with your food habits? Do you eat the same thing every week or do you like to try new things?  What's your favourite food at the moment?  Let me know in the comments.


hayleyeszti said...

Pinterest is the best! I'm such a rubbish cook, I don't really enjoy it I think that's why but I love eating! I love dried fruit and nuts recently, healthy and delicious - best of both worlds :) x Hayley-Eszti

Unknown said...

I'm quite liking dried fruit and nuts myself, and am thinking of trying to make my own baked fruit 'chips' as well.

marigold said...

I like the look of those! I'm not very adventurous with food these days. I have so many intolerances that I prefer to stick to what I know won't upset me. I'm OK with most pulses though, so I'll look out for black matpe beans as a change.

My favourite food at the moment is salad with cold meat or cheese. It's too hot to cook much :)