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Sunday 13 January 2013

Creating Positivity

So one of my words for 2013 is positivity.  I wouldn't class myself as a pessimist but nor would I say I'm particularly optimistic most of the time.  And this is something I want to change.  There are plenty of posts/articles/videos that tell you to look for the positive around you - but this isn't new advice.  Everyone knows you're supposed to stop and smell the flowers blah-de-blah-blah-blah - that doesn't make it easier to actually do it.

So I'm not even going to tackle that way over-done advice as I know there is nothing I could add to it.  This post is about creating positivity in my life.  Basically, I believe that while it a good idea to stop and notice the wonders of the world, it is also great if we can take the time to actively do something that we know will make us feel more positive about our lives and ourselves.  Here are a few things I do when I am letting pessimism get the better of me (I would just like to clarify that I'm not an expert and this is something I still struggle with myself but I figure that sharing it would make me even more likely to follow my own advice):

Watch a video on YouTube

There are thousands, probably millions of videos on YouTube so I can guarantee that there is something you will enjoy watching.  Personally I like to watch 'Beauty Gurus' and 'vlogs' (very much like blogs but in video format).  My favourites being - Kimberly (beauty guru); Psychetruth (health & life advice and discussions); Meghan (vlogs of a nerd/gamer YouTuber); Fact of the Day (what it says on the tin); Rosianna (not sure how to categorize her but she is amazing); and Tiffany Alvord (singer).

Paint my Nails

I know this one won't apply to everyone but I love spending some time painting my nails.  I love choosing a colour and I like looking down for the next few days and feeling empowered by the fact that I've taken that little bit of extra time to do something that makes me feel good about me.  I often pair this with the point above, watching videos.

Watch Friends

I feel fairly certain when I say that I am sure you have heard of, and probably seen, the comedy 'Friends'.  No matter what mood I'm in, this show always makes me laugh, even though I've watched every episode probably 7-8 times by now.  Of course you can substitute this with your favourite comedy.

Tidy Up

Currently my room is a tip and filled with boxes of my stuff, but I have slowly been unpacking and making space in my room.  I don't usually have much energy but when I do 5-10 minutes of sorting my crap, I feel better for the rest of the day as I have that lovely sense of achievement and, more often than not, I can physically see my efforts pay off.

Look for Inspiration

When I don't have the energy to do much at all, I often find myself looking online for craft inspiration, or writing advice as even if I can't do what I've discovered straight away, I feel a little motivated.  It is also often works as a kickstart for my imagination so that I can unleash my creativity (or at least imagine what I will do creatively when I am able to).

Write a Letter

It's no secret that I love writing letters and sending them to my friends 'snailmail' as much as receiving post that isn't 'official' stuff.  Sitting down for half an hour to write to a friend gives me a chance to reflect on my life as well as share both the good and bad that has been happening recently.  Writing to someone who isn't expecting a letter from you is even better as I feel extra happy to have made someone's day through a little act of mine.

Of course the above are only a few suggestions and should be adjusted for yourself; but the thing that I've found most important in creating positivity is to get up and do something, especially when you don't feel like it.  Often when I'm feeling low all I want to do is sit and watch something with a lot of chocolate, and I definitely condone this but not on a regular basis.  Just the act of making yourself get up to do something, even for 5 minutes, can make change your outlook on the day, and will probably lead to you continuing to do more that will make you feel positive.

I would love for you to leave your own in the comments so everyone can try them.

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