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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Tuesday 1 January 2013

3 Words for 2013

Last year I chose three words that I wished to focus on over the year, and as I found it so helpful I have decided to do the same again this year (and possibly every year).

One thing that I have struggled a lot with over the past few months is staying positive.  To be fair, I am a lot less negative than I used to be, but I feel that this is an area that could certainly use some focus.  I'm not entirely sure how I am going to make positivity as part of my every day living.  I do know that the first step is to decide that I want to be more positive and to actively choose to focus on the positives in life rather than the negatives, so that's where I'm starting.

Last year I had a lot of ideas and plans and dreams of what I wanted to do.  The problem with this was that I found myself unsure of where to focus on my attention and so I was a lot less productive than I feel I could have been.  This year I know that I will once again be inundated with new ideas and projects over the coming months but I am going to try and work out what I wish to prioritize so that I'm not overwhelmed and end up procrastinating instead of doing.

I think this may be the toughest word to follow this year.  I once believed that I was incapable of loving but the past few years have taught me that I couldn't have been further from the truth.  I know now that I have a huge capacity for love and I wish that to stay a focal point in my life.  However, this is unbelievably scary as it means being open and vulnerable all the time.  I want to allow love to fill me up (every kind of love that is, just to be clear) but already I have felt the pull to close myself off to the world as it feels like the safer option.  I don't believe it is and so I am choosing love in the hopes that it will help me to remember not to give into my fear.

Have you chosen a word or three for 2013 or made New Year's resolutions?  Please share them in the comments.

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