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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Friday, 17 February 2012

An Unexpected Love

When I was at school I hated sewing machines.  It seemed to me that they broke every time I tried to use one and so I figured that they all had it in for me.  It got so bad that after a year or two, I started hand stitching everything we had to make for Textiles class which involved a lot more work and me stitching for hours at home to finish in time.

So when I started seriously considering getting a sewing machine I was a little thrown.  Hadn’t I sworn never to use one of those horrendous machines again?  Hadn’t I vowed that there was nothing I wanted so badly that I couldn’t hand sew it?  And yet, towards the end of last year I found myself not only wanting one, but looking them up and trying to work out how I could obtain one.  When my parents offered to get me one for my birthday I only hesitated a little before saying yes.

It is not quite my birthday yet but as my parents were visiting this week, they brought it along with them and now I have my very own sewing machine sitting at the dining table (I’m working on making the space to put it on my desk).  I have to admit that I am still a little intimidated by it but when my mum showed me how to use it, the stitches came out so straight and perfect that I couldn’t not fall in love with it.  I can’t wait to find an easy project to get me started as I figured I should probably start out small – I don’t want to trip myself up trying to run before I can walk (aka create clothes before I know how to simply stitch).

Are there any items that you thought you’d never ever want under any circumstances and yet find yourself loving now?


Chelle said...

OMG, that looks exactly like the pink one I just sold on Craigs List! I never was able to figure out how the stupid bobbin worked.

My mom is a professional quilter, but she lives 600 miles away, so no help there. I do nothing but cross stitch now. Sometimes I think it would be awesome to know how to use one of these machines, but then I think back to how much I got frustrated with it because I could never get it to work right and I think for me it was better to get the evil thing out of the house.

I guess I could have taken sewing lessons, but I'm such a cross stitch gal that it just makes more sense not to have the thing collecting dust in a cabinet because it frightens me.


Unknown said...

It definitely makes sense to get rid of it if it's just catching dust and causing you dread. I'm like you, cross-stitch will probably always be my first choice, I just wanted to be able to turn my cross-stitch into useful things (such as eye masks - *business hint) without it taking forever to hand sew everything.