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Thursday 30 June 2011

Perfectly Patient

When I was a kid two of my favourite characters were Beth from 'Little Women' and Cousin Helen from 'What Katy Did'.  I wanted to be as patient and kind as them, I even remember wishing for something to happen to me so I could prove I could be just as good as they were (can someone say, be careful what you wish for!).

Yesterday my patience was tested to the limit and I have to say I believe I managed quite well, considering I'm usually the first to tap my fingers impatiently.  Yesterday my M.E. was really bad meaning that I had to rest for 30-45 minutes for every 15 minutes of doing something.  Despite this I didn't actually get that bored.  I guess my imagination is to be congratulated for that.  But by the end of the day I said sod it and gave up with the resting - I knew I should keep resting but I just couldn't stand lying in that bed for one more moment.  So yeah, maybe my patience isn't that great.

Anyway, this post has more to it than just me explaining how being ill all the time does not automatically mean you are good and kind and patient (even if it is true).  My point is, though they were my favourite characters, they were not the main characters.  Beth and Cousin Helen were simply there for the protagonist (Jo and Katy respectively) to look towards as perfection.  But as characters, Beth and Helen are just not that exciting; they don't do anything, they have no conflict.

Therefore, I can say that, while I might still aim for perfection, it is completely acceptable to get stressed and frustrated (especially with my body) sometimes - after all, I am human, not a secondary character!

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