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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tweeting and Changing

As you know, last week I took a break from blogging.  And what did I do with this extra time I found I had?  I twittered.  Yeah, you read that right.

I only joined twitter a few months ago and since then haven't really touched the account other than to follow a few people and perhaps write a tweet once in a blue moon.  Last week that all changed.  I started connecting to people on twitter, I signed up for a secret santa (still not sure how that happened) and I made lots of tweets, with them came followers.

And I realised it's because I crave that connection with people that the internet gives us.  I will always be a fan of the handwritten snail mail letter, but I am beyond grateful for the internet and sites such as blogger and twitter, particularly when I'm feeling unable to leave the house much.  I want to make friends and I want to get to know them as individuals - not as some internet name I glance at if it's in my twitter or blog feed. 

I think that's why I blog - I want to share with anyone who comes by.  I want them to feel that they can get to know me through my words and I more than welcome discussion and conversation in the comments.  And so I might start blogging differently - I'm still not sure.

You may have noticed that for about the past month I've had a structure to my blogging - I blog about certain subjects on certain days. I'm still not sure how this is working (if you have any thoughts please share them).  But I know that I'm not entirely happy with the way I'm blogging now.  I want to evolve and change until I find the perfect fit.  So if my blog seems to change or you see something you love/hate on here please let me know and please remember that it's only through experimentation that we can truly find ourselves and what we really want.

Oh, and for any of you who wish to follow my tweets, you can find me @anyawillowfan

1 comment:

Katie Anderson said...

Hi Bethany, I've popped over here from 'Chasing Dreams'. Lovely to see another UK blogger!
Also great to see that you talk about ME/CFS so openly - I suffer from the same illness and it's refreshing to see that someone else understands the struggle.
Katie x