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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Keep the Creativity

I find that the more I think about my writing, the easier it becomes to have ideas and to create stories I'm really interested in - it's true that practice really does make a difference.

But sometimes it becomes stale.  I feel like I'm writing and writing and I have no purpose and there's no point and it goes into a downward spiral.  When this happens I like to take a break.  I don't write for a couple of days.  But I do make an effort to keep my creative brain working.  I try something different.  At the moment I am planning a few inspiration montages from pictures and words I have found in magazines that inspire something within me.  Now, this is just an idea, and what I'm doing now to keep up my creativity between writing, but you could do anything - try drawing, photography or even writing in a different style or genre to your norm.

Trust me, within a few days you will be rearing to get back to writing your piece and your creativity won't have suffered in your absence.  What other creative endeavours do you undertake when you need a break from writing?

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