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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Saturday 25 September 2010

My Favourite Blog Award

Kess, of has nominated me for a 'My Favourite Blog Award' and I'm very pleased to accept it.  I've been a little sneaky and accepted the award on both blogs.  Here I will nominate the writing blogs that I can't wait to read each day and at my other blog I have nominated life relating blogs (you can read those nominations here.

In accepting this award I can nominate up to 4 other blogs that I wait impatiently each day to read.  As I said above, these nominations are all writing blogs so if that isn't your cup of tea click the link above to read my other nominations.  Without further ado, my nominations:

First Place goes to Tawna Fenske at Don't Pet Me, I'm Writing.  As I said in last weeks Sunday Shout Out, this blog has homour and writing info for everyone to enjoy.

Second Place goes to Natalie Whipple at Between Fact and Fiction.  This blog intrigues me so much that I am currently reading my way through the entire thing.

Third Place goes to Kiersten White at Kiersten Writes.  I am currently waiting for her debut novel, Paranormalcy, to be released in the UK as I'm sure it will be filled with the humour I find on her blog.

And Fourth Place goes to Elana Johnson at her blog.  Filled with useful information and links, this blog has been infinitely useful to me as a budding writer.

To accept the award please save the image above and post into your blog along with up to 4 nominations of blogs you feel worthy of this award, the ones you can't wait to read.

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Aw, thanks so much for the shout-out! Always appreciated.