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Monday 19 October 2009

Writing as Therapy

This year at uni we are studying Creative Non-Fiction and a lot of this is autobiography and memoir based - writing about yourself. Now we are told that our course is in no way meant for therapy but it is my belief that this type of writing lends itself very heavily to therapeutic writing just because there is so much about memory and self-analyse within it.

I personally believe that writing can solve a lot of personal problems - when my life isn't go the way I want it to, or I feel confused, I let myself write it out. By this I mean I sit with a pen and paper and just let myself write whatever comes into my mind. When I am doing this for self-analysis I focus more on myself and always write in the first person. I have found that quite often I work out what I'm actually worried about (and then I can address it) using this method. And though it is a valid type of writing, I feel that it is too personal to show the world - it is for my eyes alone.

The writing we do for this module is the next step up from this very personal self-analysis - working it into something publishable. But my point in this post is basically to say that writing can be very useful on a personal level and can help you realise who you are - it doesn't always have to be about getting published (though if this is what you want, then go for it).

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