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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Planning

As you all know, I am a huge fan of Christmas. This year, however, I am finding that for a couple of days I have been really excited for it, and then suddenly that feeling went away. I have been yoyo-ing between those two states for the past month at least, and now it’s finally December.

Saying ‘finally’ December is a bit misleading as this year it has almost crept up on me, despite having bouts of ‘Christmas mania’. I mean, at the beginning of November I was making all my plans and looking forward to being remotely organised, and yet somehow I didn’t find the time through the whole month to actually start on the Christmas preparations. So as usual I am left with lots of wonderful ideas, and very little time.

I’m determined not to panic. I am not going to go completely mad and try and get everything done as I know that will only lead to me getting ill, and honestly I want to be able to enjoy the holidays with my family. But nor am I going to give up on all of my plans. I still want to make an effort this Christmas, especially as last year was such a disaster (from my perfectionist’s point of view anyway).

Today, while I am making sure to include plenty of rest, I am hoping to start putting up a few decorations. It’s going to require a little practical thinking as my ceiling is far too high to actually reach (nor do I have anywhere to store a ladder), but there is plenty of wall space so I’m looking forward to what I come up with. 

As I said, I’m determined to not physically overdo it (especially after yesterday), so it will likely take me at least a week to put up all my decorations, but that is completely okay. Just because I remember doing all the decorating on one day when I was a child doesn’t mean I have to follow that tradition. Instead, I need to find my own way of doing things that allow me to work around my health, because nothing is worth putting that at risk (except maybe visiting friends and family, but that’s a different matter).

I am also hoping to do some baking this year. Last year I never managed to make anything, but this year I am focusing on one or two recipes so I don’t have to rush. I’m still trying to come up with a main course for Christmas dinner, though, as this year it is not just me that’s vegetarian, in fact one of my siblings has gone vegan. I can’t resist a challenge so I’m sure I’ll find something (though if you have any ideas, please share below).

Are you super organised when it comes to Christmas/holidays? If you have health issues, how have you found ways to work around them?


marigold said...

For once I'm fairly well-organised for Christmas, though I only participate in a very minimal way these days. I have all but one present bought (though not all have been delivered yet) and have just finished writing overseas cards, so they might get posted before the "last posting day" this year!

I'm doing a little bit at a time and inspired by your suggestion I'm going to put my decorations out one or two a day - like a sort of advent calendar thing :)

I've booked my Christmas supermarket delivery too, so I feel reasonably well-organised as long as no unforeseen events crop up and I don't catch any of the bugs that are going round. Fingers crossed!

Enjoy your preparations - it sounds as though you have planned well, so I hope all goes smoothly for you.

Unknown said...

Marigold, I am a little jealous that you are so organised, but congratulations. I think for all of us the most important thing about the holidays is making sure we stay as well as possible so we can actually enjoy them.

hayleyeszti said...

I got all my shopping done and wrapped way back in October so I don´t have to worry about any of that now. I love getting crafty so I have been making small tree ornaments the past few weeks, just doing little things like that isn´t too demanding and I get to have some fun at the same time :) I love xmas but being ill takes the fun away a bit doesn´t it :(